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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

New Year 2018 Celebration

We wish you a very happy and joyful coming the new year 2018. Since very few days left in ending the current year. This is the right time to get prepare for the coming New Year. Our website is having varieties of content regarding wishing Happy New Year to others and celebrate well online.

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Let us see some of the Interesting Numbers Regarding New Year 2018 Celebration taken from worldwide facts:

  • 1 Million People gather in New York City’s Times Square to watch the famous ball drop.
  • 1 billion people all over the world watch New Year’s Eve on TV
  • 2000 pounds of confetti are dropped on the crowd at midnight.
  • 44% of American adults plan to kiss someone at the stroke of 12.
  • 61% say a prayer on New Year’s Eve.
  • 22% admit to falling asleep before midnight.
  • 2688 crystals are there in a Times Square ball.
  • 32,000 LEDs are used to lit the time's square ball.
  • 11,875 LBS, weight of the Times Square ball
  • 360 million glasses of sparkling wine during the holiday season.
  • 10,000 participants march through the city and perform in elaborate costumes. At the Mummers Parade in Philadelphia.
  • 44% of American adults plan to kiss someone at the stroke of 2.
  • 61% say a prayer on New Year’s Eve.
  • 22% admit to falling asleep before midnight.
  • 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions
  • 1st January was the first year in 46 B.C. However, England and its American colonies wouldn’t do the same until 1752.

We hope above Numeric facts can really help you to gain much idea about what all is going on all over the world! Not just this you can also share these facts with others while sending the Happy New Year Wishes. We always suggest you make your pings more interesting and unique than anyone can expect from you!!!

New Year 2018 Facts

First of all a very Happy New Year to all of you. Download High Definition Happy New Year 2018 Images, Happy New Year 2018 Pics, Happy New Year 2018 Pictures, Happy New Year 2018 Gifs, Happy New Year 2018 Quotes, Happy New Year 2018 WhatsApp status, Happy New Year 2018 social media posts, Happy New Year 2018 wishes, Happy New Year 2018 SMS, Happy New Year 2018 Messages etc.

The whole world is going to celebrate the coming New Year 2018. We also want everyone to take the full joy of the coming New Year. We are regularly publishing some good content regarding New Year celebrations that anyone can use in order to send wishes and messages to friends and family members.

However, sending only wishes or simple repeated messages in order to wish someone Happy New Year is not sufficient! In order to impress others adding some more interesting content will add vault to the message. Below are some of the facts that you can share with others;

  • Auld Lang Syne is a traditional New Year’s song, written by a Scottish poet called Robert Burns in 1788.
  • In Japan New Year is the most important holiday and a symbol for renewal.
  • In Spain they eat 12 grapes at midnight to secure 12 happy month.
  • In Dutch burn a bonfire of Christmas trees on New Year’s Eve to welcome the New Year.
  • In Greece New year’s day is also festival of St. Basil, founders of the Greek Orthodox Church.
  • Rose is the official flower for New Year’s Day.
  • On New Year Female shoppers spend approximately 50% more than men in buying gifts.
  • In Ancient Persia, people gave eggs as New Year gifts to symbolize productiveness. Since then people give gifts to each other on New Year.
  • 2000 BC. In Mesopotamia was the time when the first New Year was celebrated.
  • 1st of March was the New Year’s Day in early Rome.
  • Fireworks and noise making on New Year’s Eve were originally meant to dispel devil spirits in ancient times.

We always believe in sharing some helpful and shareable content with our viewers do let us know what all different types of information you want from us! We’ll definitely work on it and come up with something better something more helpful.

Happy New Year 2018 Greetings

We all are waiting to welcome the coming New Year 2018. We can ease your work by offering Happy New Year 2018 Images, Happy New Year 2018 Pics, Happy New Year 2018 Wallpapers, Happy New Year 2018 Quotes, Happy New Year 2018 SMS, Happy New Year 2018 Social Media Messages, Happy New Year 2018 Greetings, Happy New Year 2018 Cards, Happy New Year 2018 WhatsApp updates, Happy New Year 2018 Shayari’s and many more free of cost.

New Year celebration is nothing without burning crackers on the mid-night of 31st Jan and 1st December. Especially the dazzling colors of sky firecrackers amazed people of all age groups. But did you ever wondered how this is happening? Is it the nature of fire or something else? Well in order to understand it we do need to know about the science working on the process of burning a firecracker.

Color in fireworks is produced by pyrotechnic ‘stars’. Which produce colored light when ignited. The stars contain five basic ingredients. The color is produced by the Metal salts; in order to burn the salts a fuel is required; combustion of the fuel is due to oxygen produced by an oxidizing chemical; some colors get strengthen with the help of a chlorine-donating compound, and the mixture is held together using a binding chemical.

Let us know the Chemistry behind Different colors of Fireworks:

Red: Strontium salts like Strontium Carbonate, Strontium Nitrate, and Strontium Sulfate.

Orange: Calcium salts like Calcium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Sulfate.

Yellow: Sodium salts like Sodium Oxalate, Sodium nitrate, and Cryolite.

Green: Barium salts like Barium Carbonate, Barium Nitrate, Barium Chlorate and Barium Chloride.

While: Burning Metal like Aluminium, Magnesium, and Titanium.

Silver: Magnesium, White hot and Aluminium.

Blue: Copper salts like Copper Carbonate, Copper (I) Chloride and Copper Oxide.

Purple: Combine Strontium and Copper Compounds.

Maybe you don’t interested in knowing it but you can use this information while you are preparing Happy New Year 2018 wishing messages for others. Yes send someone something new, we hope this type of messages can increase the chances that you get likes from others and also amazing messages in reply.

Today everyone wants to compose and send something new, something different to others to gain special attention and fireworks are liked by nearly everyone. So, it’s best if you can help others know the Reason behind the Colors in fireworks and be smarter.
New Year Wishes 2018

Time comes when people wish happy New Year 2018 to each other. Further send Happy New Year 2018 messages, Happy New Year 2018 wishes, Happy New Year 2018 quotes, Happy New Year 2018 cards. We can ease your work! Our blog has all the content that can help you share Happy New Year 2018 in advance with your friends and loved ones.

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People always plan for something big for welcoming their New Year but did they ever wondered what they’ll be going to do in the coming New Year? Which is the most important thing! Well we are giving you just the important points what all you should consider and plan about before entering the New Year As follows:

  • Set your new Year resolutions
  • Start doing them on 1st January.
  • Visualize your success.
  • Achieve your resolution by spring.
  • Go one place you’ve never been.
  • Learn a new skill
  • Meet people you’ve dreamed to know.
  • Make someone happy.
  • Do something you’ve never done.
  • Visualize your future.
  • Feel like a boss.
  • Just be Happy.

Now it’s on you how you’ll deal with them and what all descriptions you will have for each of them as per your future plan and way to spend the coming New Year 2018! Do share with us your views on them or we missed anything more important! We’ll appreciate it definitely.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Christmas and new year gift

Be prepared! Christmas is near. Get amazing Christmas 2017 based stuff on our Blog. You can get Christmas Quotes High-quality Christmas Cards, interesting Christmas SMS, high definition Christmas Images, best for sharing Christmas Wishes and handmade Christmas Greetings.

Today you can get different Christmas based content that you can use to wish others on social media platforms. Also, you can use them as your social media walls and status posts. People generally celebrate most of their festivals by sharing messages and wishes to each other.

Also, there is a tradition of giving Christmas gifts to loved ones, friends, children and so. However, it’s always confusing and a big deal to finalize which product works best to impress others as a Gift of Christmas. Hence below we are sharing some of the common and helpful gifts for different age groups.

Here are The List of Best Christmas & New Year Gifts:-

10) Beauty pouch: 

The perfect gift for your sister or your special friend, a beauty pouch with moisturizer, travel sized bottles of shower gel, a tube of lip gloss, and fragrance in an adorable pouch.

9) Perfume: 

A whiff of perfume always attracts anyone. Capturing the fragrance of the holidays and winter, perfume works best as a gift to your known ones.

8) Makeup combo: 

whether your sister, girl friend or wife is designer-label crazy or make up obsessed. You should only think about giving a combo pack of a mirror or make-up as a Christmas Gift.

7) Golf Gloves: 

Golf Gloves unwrapped as a gift! Any Golf lover feel the coolest thing and extra special on the golf course this Christmas.

6) Coffee Grinder: 

Generally an uncle, cousin or boyfriend can’t spend a long day without a few cups of coffee. Well, coffee grinder will be the best present in bringing smile on their faces.

5) Accessories: 

In this superhero era, every kid wants wings strapped to her or his feet! You can make them feel the Schwings art which fasten right into their sneakers for sure.

4) Premium Tea: 

Gift your loved ones a tea box  for better experience of Tea-time that includes custom-made teapot and tea blends!

3) Scented Candles: 

Wondering which gift works well for a sweet neighbor or co-worker? Well nothing compares scented candles in the package of a gift. Make anyone feel happy and Pleasant thoughtful sure these aromatic gifts will definitely cover in your budget.

2) Gingerbread buddy biscuits: 

A furry friend –your furry pooch on the occasion of this Christmas 2017 make him happy by giving a box of his favorite munchies!

1) Coloring Books: 

If you are having tiny budding artist in home then Coloring books works best as the perfect gift.

Other than the above, there are many more products that you can send to others as a gift. But as said we don’t want to make yourself confusing so it’s better to discuss few of them;-> Hope It can help you to clarify your decision to buy a gift for the Christmas 2017!!!

New Year 2018 deals

Our blog can help you to wish Happy New Year 2018 to your dear ones in a more interesting manner. We are offering a good collection of Happy New Year 2018 wishes, Happy New Year 2018 quotes, Happy New Year 2018 messages, Happy New Year 2018 what's app status. You can easily download exclusive Happy New Year 2018 pictures, Happy New Year 2018 cards, Happy New Year 2018 gif, Happy New Year 2018 images, Happy New Year 2018 wallpapers and Happy New Year 2018 greetings with each and every article we are publishing regularly.

New Year is the biggest Eve for every country of the world. Everyone starts preparation for it in advance. Especially if we do talk about shopping then today is the trend of Online shopping. You may find different e-commerce sites having a different collection of varieties of all types of products to buy from home and get the desired product at the doorstep.

With increase in the number of e-commerce sites now it’s difficult at the same time confusing for anyone about which product to be ordered and from which site Below we are sharing of some of the basic tips using which you will be cleared about buying any product online without much brainstorming.

Here are the Tips of New Year 2018 Deals

1) Select a budget: 

It is best to first finalize your budget then explore different e-commerce sites. Search for what all options and varieties are available for your desired product in your budget limit.

2) Make a wish list: 

After exploring different product models you can finalize or short list few of them and note down their model number or other required information to search more about only that specific products.

3) R&D on Desired products: 

Now do a complete detailed analysis of the features reviews pros cons warranty performance etc. on different popular platforms.

4) Select the best site to purchase the product: 

Once your desired model of the product has been finalized its time to get the best deal on the product. For it, you can list gown or bookmark all the sites those are having the same model with their price lists discounts special offers gifts etc. At last, compare all of them and you’ll definitely easily decide an e-commerce site to buy!

So in this manner, you can easily buy any product without wasting much of your time. Be smart, Be alert while shopping wishing you a Very happy new year in advance and Happy shopping in advance!!!

New Year 2018 places

Nearly about a month left for the New Year. If you want your new year celebrations should be memorable you must do need to prepare from now. We are having much interesting stuff related to New year on our blog like Happy New Year 2018 Pictures, Happy New Year 2018 Quotes, Happy New Year 2018 WhatsApp messages, Happy New Year 2018 Gif’s, Happy New Year 2018 social media status updates, Happy New Year 2018 greeting cards, Happy New Year 2018 wishes and many more!

With Christmas and New Year many people planned to take the benefit of winter vacations, take leave from their daily work and visit any amazing place. It is truly a memorable thing to celebrate New Year in a new country! By keeping it in mind we are providing you details about how people of popular places in the world are celebrating New Year’s Eve. If you like you can join them as well in the coming New Year celebrations! 

Best New Year 2018 Places to go


It is located in the United Kingdom. Every year more than 300000 people are gathering in London and attending the fireworks above and around the London Eye.


It is located in France. Anyone who is in France at the time of New Year doesn't want to forget the amazing fireworks lasers and lights above the Eiffel tower.

New York City: 

It is located in the United States of America. Nearly million people converge on the city’s center to watch the famous New Year’s Eve Ball drop down.

Rio de Janeiro: 

It is located in Brazil. Nearly 2 million people gather on the beach for Rio’s enormous parties. 


It is located in Australia. About 2.6 million people watching the firework show on TV and 1.6 million gathers on the foreshore of Sydney Harbor.

Other than them we also do want to mention the name of Dubai located in the United Arab Emirates It is also growing the attention of tourists from different parts of the world. A good pick to celebrate the coming New Year 2018. Here Star packed headline acts showcased every New Year’s Eve. At midnight fireworks have been ignited continually for about 5 minutes.

New Year Resolution Quotes

Get prepared for celebrating New Year 2018 in advance. Enjoy watching Happy New Year 2018 GIF Happy New Year 2018 cards, Happy New Year 2018 images, Happy New Year 2018 greetings. You can easily share a good collection of Happy New Year 2018 quotes, Happy New Year 2018 messages, Happy new year WhatsApp messages and much more from our site.

Following are some of the best yet important resolutions that you can adapt for you for the coming year. Since they can directly benefit you and your family;

Cutting down on alcohol

Liver problems reduced fertility high blood pressure, increased risk of various cancers and heart attack are some of the numerous harmful effects associated with regularly drinking more than the recommended levels of alcohol.

Giving up smoking can 

Quitting smoke can definitely add years to your life. Improving your chances of disease-free retirement. Smoking has been casually linked to many afflictions including heart disease lung disease and chronic bronchitis. Quitting can also boost your immune system making it easier for you to fight flu and colds.

Keep in touch with friends and family

People having strong social links have less immune and cardiovascular problems. People in groups feel more relaxed which further leads to good health.

Losing Weight

Carrying more weight can further lead to the problem of high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, back pain and depression. Losing weight will further lead to less chance of serious health issues.

Taking up exercise

Doing exercise daily reduces the risk of cancer by 50% and risk of early death by 30%. Exercise can also help one in better sleep, self-esteem, and mood.

Best 2018 New Year Resolutions Quotes 

“Let our New Year’s resolution be this: We will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.” — Goran Persson

“New Year’s resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time.” — James Agate

“I made no resolutions for the new year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me.” — Anaïs Nin

“I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the year’s.” — Henry Moore

“What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New Year.” — Vern McLellan

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” — Mother Teresa

“Think Big And Don’t Listen To People Who Tell You It Can’t Be Done. Life’s Too Short To Think Small.”- Tim Ferriss

“Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone. You Can Only Grow If You Are Willing To Feel Awkward And Uncomfortable When You Try Something New.”- Brian Tracy

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” – Peter F. Drucker

“I made no resolutions for the new year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me.” — Anaïs Nin

We all know that health is first for us! We do need to take care of it. Without proper health, we can’t able to live a happy life. So why not we take the New Year resolution something related to our health improvement. We wish you good health in future!!!

Happy New Year 2018 Celebrations, Enjoy sharing amazing New Year Pics, Happy New Year Images, New Year Celebration Gif’s and more things from our site! You’ll also get happy New Year’s Sher 0 Shayari’s Happy New Year 2018 Quotes, Happy New Year Messages and much more Stuff.

As the clock reaches to 12 in the midnight of December 31 every year people from different areas of the world are in the mood of celebration. They are having their own way of welcoming the new year and hence the first day of the New Year! Like different religions are having different rituals and ways of celebrating any occasion so as the celebration of New Year. Following we are highlighting how people from different countries are celebrating the New Year’s Eve:

Happy New Year 2018

1) USA: 
People of united states of America on the occasion of new year celebrate the day with free flow of exquisite wine and abundance of gourmet food symbolize food for prosperity. Uncorking champagne gorging on cakes and feasting on black-eyed beans are considered lucky and festive. Football tournament is telecast all across the country and many Americans prefer to enjoy a relaxed New Year’s Eve watching the game with friends and family.

happy new year 2018 images

2) United Kingdom: 

Here Huge crowd gathers along the Thames to enjoy the fireworks from the London Eyr as the Big Ben strikes 12. “First Footing” A tall handsome dark (haired) male has to be the first visitor of a household after midnight He carry a loaf of bread a bottle of whisky some coal and salt.

happy new year 2018 status

3) China: 

The Chinese celebrate their New Year with much pomp and grandeur and the celebrations amy continue for 0-15 days. While beating of drums and cymbals are believed to drive away the evil. Lion dance and feasting take care of the entertainment Friends and relatives visit each other. Gift of red envelope containing money (Lai See) is exchanged as good luck.

happy new year 2018 pictures

4) Japan: 

People here are celebrating visiting temples to pray for the departed and for good harvest. Temple bells are rung 108 times to scare off the evil. Decorative rice cakes called Mochis are made Japanese homes hand straw ropes at the entrance to bring in good luck.

happy new year 2018 quotes

5) France: 

It is believed that fasting will bring about prosperity. As such a special feast called as le Réveillon de Saint-Sylvestre is planned. Families meet and greet campaigns are uncorked huge pompous parties are organized.

happy new year 2018 wallpaper

6) Spain: 

As the midnight strikes it is customary to quickly eat twelve grapes one at each strike of the clock.  These are supposed to bring good luck.

happy new year 2018 messages

7) Germany: 

They drop molten lead into cold water to see what shape it takes, and predict the future, each shape symbolizing an aspect of life- love, prosperity etc. Families get together for meals at midnight with some bits left behind as good omen ensuring abundance in the coming year.

Hope you like this post? Well the main motto of publishing this post is to help people know about what all things happening in the different areas of the world while you are celebrating the New Year in your own way! We are hoping that you might like any of the above way to celebrate the coming New Year